Mothers Are not Unemployed

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In November 2014 at the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane, Australia, the political and economic leaders of the world committed their countries to getting more mothers ‘back to work’. This commitment was made in either ignorance or denial of three of the most important areas of research of the last fifty years—the value of the household economy and of the production that takes place in the home; of how infant brain development comes about and the unique role of the biological mother in that development; and of how the relationship of the infant with the mother is the prototype of all future relationships the infant will have. When this denial is removed it is obvious that mothers are performing some of the most important and valuable work of the nation and the idea of sending mothers ‘back to work’, that is to work in the paid economy, will, instead of solving the coming economic crisis, exacerbate it.

In short, mothers are not unemployed. Their work as mothers is the basis of a country’s human capital and social capital. The work of mothers is the basis of national economies and the global economy. The denial of that work and its value is a major cause of a projected devastating economic decline. The purpose of a new eBook by Moira Eastman and Margaret Eastman is to make available the facts and arguments of why the G20 commitment to send mothers ‘back to work’ is wrong so that those who know it is wrong will be better able to speak up to this mistake and be defenders of the role of mothers. We aim to create an international constituency to speak back to the pressure on mothers to enter the market economy.

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